#1 cat at da mirror

he is looking at da mirror what will he do.. .,

hello ?


hello are u there

yeah i am

what are u doing here

i am ur reflection

why u r there though?

i live here
how are u doing ?

im good thank u
i think i will call u cat 2
how r u doing

i am doing good 2
because i am u

what the hell
u r me
i thought u were my reflection

yes i am
i am always here when u r here
and not here when u r not here

are u real

yea i am real
i am as real as u
if u didnt exist i wouldn't be real too..

why cant u stay here ?

u take me with u
i go into ur imaginary reflection breif case,..

oh :)
thank u for always being with me



u go back (maybe)